Career Transition

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Career Transition When You Haven’t Been Laid Off

Posted on October 19th, 2015


Is your career planning limited to thinking about your career options only when faced with a lay off?

While company stability and long lasting employment may be things of the past, the average person will work 25 years or more. If this makes you wonder how you will get where you want to be, a career management plan can help you figure out your destination. This plan should be in place from the early stages of your career and actively managed as you progress professionally through it.

A career management plan involves… READ MORE

What are You Using to Assess the Future of Your Organization?

Posted on May 7th, 2014

In many ways, assessing a candidate’s fit for an organization is akin to foretelling the future. One of my associates refers to the process as tossing “Chicken Bones”. You shake the bones up and spread them out on a table, then pose the question to the candidate – “What does that mean to you?” Sure you get their perceptions and maybe even some personality characteristics, but who wants to gamble on chicken bones?

Assessing personalities, competencies and behaviors play an important role in talent management. They contribute to the selection process, the succession process, the development process and the career transition… READ MORE

The Upside of Being Downsized

Posted on January 16th, 2014


Have you ever looked at a trick picture of an image such as a vase? Then, if you look at the same picture again, but this time from a different angle or perspective, you see a totally different image — two profiles looking at each other. This type of picture is referred to as a paradox. The interesting thing is, you cannot view the two images at the same time. You either focus on one image or the other. Sometimes, it’s hard to refocus… READ MORE

The Right Shape for Today’s Job Market

Posted on January 28th, 2013

Necessary skills in today's job market Everyone loves being around people who are generalist. They know a little bit about a lot of things and can easily converse about many subjects. Although it is socially appealing, it’s not the trend in today’s job market.

Employers are looking for “T-shaped” people. This phrase was coined years ago but only recently has taken the lead in the job market. Employers are looking for candidates who have one area of deep expertise and broad skills on top of that experience. Hence, T-shaped.

An example might be an engineer who goes back to school to receive an MBA. That… READ MORE

Myths and Realities of Employee Engagement

Research indicates that engaged employees contribute to the long term success of organizations.  There are many perspectives about the value and practice of employee engagement.  This Myths and Realities Checklist can help sort fact from fiction. Click here to view the article.