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Engaging Challenge


While the last few years have found baby-boomer retirement issues holding top priority, the latest human resource surveys are showing that employee engagement is now taking over the primary lead. In fact, one survey reports that 94 percent of survey participants indicated that employee engagement was the most important workforce challenge they were currently facing (see source at end of post).

Yet, what is employee engagement and why are HR managers so concerned? Employee engagement refers to whether or not employees have a positive or negative approach to their work as well… READ MORE

What are You Using to Assess the Future of Your Organization?

Posted on May 7th, 2014

In many ways, assessing a candidate’s fit for an organization is akin to foretelling the future. One of my associates refers to the process as tossing “Chicken Bones”. You shake the bones up and spread them out on a table, then pose the question to the candidate – “What does that mean to you?” Sure you get their perceptions and maybe even some personality characteristics, but who wants to gamble on chicken bones?

Assessing personalities, competencies and behaviors play an important role in talent management. They contribute to the selection process, the succession process, the development process and the career transition… READ MORE

Myths and Realities of Employee Engagement

Research indicates that engaged employees contribute to the long term success of organizations.  There are many perspectives about the value and practice of employee engagement.  This Myths and Realities Checklist can help sort fact from fiction. Click here to view the article.

Helping High-Potentials Avoid Transition Pitfalls

Posted on November 16th, 2012

By Dan Portes  

A message popped up on my phone this morning reminding me of a call I needed to return. I had been asked to talk with a recently promoted manager from a large company. He moved to a manager role nine months ago and was now struggling. His group’s sales numbers were down and his team was in the dark and grumbling. The HR executive was understandably concerned. What had happened to this high-performing sales producer? He’s friendly, professional, savvy and ambitious. He seemed to be the perfect fit for the ‘accelerated promotion’ program that the… READ MORE