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Rocky Mountain HR | People & Strategy: Annual Member Appreciation Celebration

On September 17th, members of the RMHRPS gathered for the Annual Member Appreciation Celebration, which took place at Gallery 1261, a contemporary art gallery which featured the “Unfurl” exhibit with world-renowned artists.


This members-only event was sponsored by Resnik Partners, a Career Partners International firm and local Talent Management specialists.


Members enjoyed wonderful appetizers, wine, music and treats for the eyes as well as great company.


CPI-Denver / 3rd Quarter Update

CPI-Denver | Resnik Partners 

Changes Herald Explosive Growth, Innovation, and Brand Alignment


CPI-Denver / Resnik Partners, a Denver-based leader in helping companies grow through talent development, will align more strongly with the superior brand value and global recognition of Career Partners International (CPI). Career Partners International, a global leader in talent development and leadership consulting, was formed in 1987 by a group of seven firms with a vision for excellence in global services including Resnik Partners. This alignment will be reflected in Resnik’s marketing, putting a stronger emphasis on the Career Partners International brand… READ MORE

What are You Using to Assess the Future of Your Organization?

Posted on May 7th, 2014

In many ways, assessing a candidate’s fit for an organization is akin to foretelling the future. One of my associates refers to the process as tossing “Chicken Bones”. You shake the bones up and spread them out on a table, then pose the question to the candidate – “What does that mean to you?” Sure you get their perceptions and maybe even some personality characteristics, but who wants to gamble on chicken bones?

Assessing personalities, competencies and behaviors play an important role in talent management. They contribute to the selection process, the succession process, the development process and the career transition… READ MORE

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