Working Partner Relocation

When relocating an employee, ensuring comfort for his or her family — particularly a working partner — is just as important as ensuring the employee enjoys a smooth transition.  To assist our clients in this area, Resnik Partners offers a working partner relocation program that aims to address the unique challenges facing partners of relocating employees.

Since a working partner can often affect willingness to relocate, we offer employment counseling and job search support for them in order to help encourage your relocating employees toward a positive decision. Our well-networked consultants and dedicated staff of professionals have significant experience and relationships within the local marketplace helping to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Because the relocating partner may come from any of a variety of job levels and may not have a traditional career path, Resnik Partners has distinct programs and services to meet all needs.  To ensure direct results, our program includes the help of a dedicated job search consultant to act as a coach and engage the working partner in the process prior to relocation.

Other components of the Working Partner Relocation Program include:

  • Assessment to match the relocating partner with the most appropriate career transition consultant
  • Transition planning and job search preparation
  • Career evaluation, decision making and strategy alignment
  • Professional resume development services
  • Online Career Portal access throughout the transition
  • Market research and target employer list development

Just as your employees are your most valued commodity, their partners deserve the utmost care in relocation assistance.  That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why businesses trust us to do it.

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