What are You Using to Assess the Future of Your Organization?

Posted on May 7th, 2014

In many ways, assessing a candidate’s fit for an organization is akin to foretelling the future. One of my associates refers to the process as tossing “Chicken Bones”. You shake the bones up and spread them out on a table, then pose the question to the candidate – “What does that mean to you?” Sure you get their perceptions and maybe even some personality characteristics, but who wants to gamble on chicken bones?

Assessing personalities, competencies and behaviors play an important role in talent management. They contribute to the selection process, the succession process, the development process and the career transition process.

Our selection and outplacement tools, not chicken bones, use personality assessments to identify individuals’ work styles, understand their core drivers, and recognize patterns of behavior that could get in the way of their success. As a result, individuals are better prepared to explore and evaluate opportunities and hiring managers can quickly evaluate the individuals’ strengths and potential derailers relative to job performance.

Our assessment capability provides a revolutionary new basis for selection, enabling our clients to develop, retain, and maximize suitability between people, jobs, and organizational culture. Through the use of 360 multi-raters like LEA 360 and individual assessments like those provided by Hogan Assessments, our clients can define key criteria that has or will lead to success in particular roles. This allows organizations to better prepare and execute succession planning as well as leadership development initiatives. Make no bones about it, the assessments we use are industry leading to fit the particular application and all result in facilitating outcomes that improve performance and profitability.

What are you using to assess the future for your organization?


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