Our Philosophy

Resnik Partners is built on firm business principles that stress organizational relationships and a commitment to client service.  These principles focus on four specific areas: confidentiality, trust, relationship, and results.

  • To insure Confidentiality, we adhere to the highest professional standards.  We create and continually update a communications and feedback plan with you. Only with your knowledge and consent will we discuss the results of the programs we facilitate with your organization, and then, only with those you identify.  Without your assurance of our confidentiality, we can’t succeed.
  • To build Trust, we will give you honest feedback. You will know in a straightforward and respectful manner what we think, what we see, and our recommendations for moving forward more effectively.
  • To cement our Relationship, we require your feedback as well. You can count on us to keep caring about your satisfaction with our performance throughout the period we work together.  At regularly scheduled intervals, we will “check in” to be sure we are delivering the quality of services you expect, within the time frames we’ve agreed upon.
  • To help insure Results are achieved, we will monitor and measure. At the onset of each engagement, we make certain everyone is clear about the defined objectives.  We will measure success in terms of achieving these goals.


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