Our Strengths

What sets us apart from our competitors? Here is a list of what makes us different – and why we are better:

  • We look for Strengths; we build on Strengths. We believe in bringing out the best in people, and building on what they do well. By focusing on an individual’s unique strengths, we can help them understand how they might better navigate around blind spots and accelerate developmental opportunities to have a more positive impact on the business.
  •  We’ve been doing this work for a long time.  Our coaching staff is made up of seasoned professionals who have been doing this work for many years; long before “coaching” came into vogue. As skilled practitioners, we bring a deep understanding of the subtleties involved in helping people understand themselves, the impact they have on others, and how they might further grow and develop.
  •  We have a broad cadre of coaches from which to choose. We take pride in the breadth and depth of talented coaches we have on our staff. With over fifteen coaches from which to choose — each with unique skills, talent, and personal style — at least one is guaranteed to perfectly suit your needs. Our breadth of talent also enables us to have the flexibility to periodically “team coach,” pulling in different coaches with expertise from specialty areas such as image consulting, presentation skills, assimilation and/or career transition.
  • We’re Local, we’re Independent and we’re Flexible. We are unlimited in our ability to tailor our services to our clients’ needs. No large corporate structure has defined our service offerings, including our approach to coaching.  We can rely on our beliefs, our expertise and experience to determine the best approach for each organization and its leaders.
  • We are vigilant about Business Results. We know it isn’t enough to have executives that feel good about their coaching experience, although that’s an important start. Beyond client satisfaction, we strive to also be sure that our work produces the business results expected, and can measurably demonstrate. We are committed to developing leaders that have a positive impact on the business.

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