Create Your Career GPS

Often times, your employees and your management need more than just guidance – they need a helping hand. Your workers may need a targeted, yet compassionate approach to defining their skill sets and identifying skill gaps to prepare them for the next step, especially when it comes to a transition or layoff (as described in this recent case study). Your managers and business leaders may need effective training to address employee concerns about their careers and engage workers in the career advancement process. To address both concerns, Resnik Partners offers the Create Your Career GPS program.

With Create Your Career GPS, you can engage and re-engage your employees by helping them to effectively evaluate themselves, identify their passions and talents, address any skill gaps, and discover how they can not only match their career goals with a comprehensive talent profile, but also align them with their organization’s strategic and business goals.

Create Your Career GPS is an encouraging, stimulating and interactive program consisting of four half-day workshops, supplemented by an hour of individual coaching and an opportunity to join a peer group for ongoing support. This robust workshop includes:

  • Assessment of personal goals, interest, energy, skills, values and passion
  • Exploration of workplace trends, challenges, opportunities and impact on participants
  • Creation of a personal career map for future success and fulfillment

 Organizations gain:

  • Greater alignment between participants’ and organization’s objectives
  • Increased retention and engagement of valuable contributors
  • Reductions in unnecessary recruiting and on-boarding costs
  • Integration of continuous learning as a key to organizational success

 Participants will:

  • Identify critical learning needs
  • Assume accountability with increased awareness for self-development
  • Revitalize commitment to organizational goals
  • Improve performance outcomes

With Create Your Career GPS, Resnik Partners can help your organization embrace learning and development to produce results and grow and sustain employee engagement.

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