Taking the Mystery out of Retirement


This series of five modules delivered in two half-day sessions helps individuals make educated decisions about planning for their future after employment – whether it is one year or five years from now.

(There are no pitches for investment products or recommendations of investment professionals.)

Am I Ready? It’s All about Planning

This session focuses on getting the audience to consider a number of issues before they make hasty, uninformed and/or irrevocable decisions about leaving their job or choosing not to continue to work in a traditional job/career.

  • Facts, myths and realities about the next phase of life.
  • How will you find satisfaction in your daily life in retirement?
  • The challenge of maintaining your standard of living in retirement.

Social Security A Serious When & How Dilemma

This session discusses the main issues the audience needs to consider about the Social Security program.

  • What facts should someone be aware of when deciding when to start receiving Social Security benefits.
  • How will delaying taking Social Security impact their benefits and their spouses?
  • How will continuing to work and taxes impact my Social Security benefits?

Medicare, Medicaid and LTC (Part 1) Living to 95 & Not Regretting It

This session primarily focuses on the following related topics.

  • An overview of Medicare and its related costs.
  • Medicaid and the requirements to qualify.
  • Long-Term Care – What is it and how does one choose an appropriate policy?

The Financial Conundrum (Part 2) Living to 95 & not Running out of Money

This session helps the audience consider financial issues that will impact future planning.

  • How much money do I need to save in order to be able to work part time or stop working in the traditional sense?
  • Why do most financial experts recommend Index funds for the average investor?
  • What is so important about diversification (asset allocation) in investing?
  • What are the major financial mistakes I need to avoid?

Leaving a Legacy – Finishing Strong

This session focuses on the importance of having a personal fulfilling purpose, in order to maximize one’s enjoyment in retirement.

  • Begin with the “end” in mind.
  • Defining the terms: “Leaving a Legacy and Finishing Strong”
  • Seven secrets to a purpose-fill retirement.

Each session’s handout contains a number of resources to include: books, articles, websites and software. Participants can contact the consultant after the session via email to ask additional questions and/or request specific information and resources.

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