Group Coaching

An integral part of all Resnik leadership modules is our peer group coaching program, which participants will utilize during their workshops and programs, and maintain as a standard long after they end. Often facilitated by a Resnik Partners executive coach or a designated “peer” within the group, this coaching approach is intended to strongly reinforce and sustain classroom learning and ensure practical application of the participants’ new knowledge and skills. This is a key reinforcement tool to ensure retention of the course material and advance the learning process.

The goal is to ensure that the participants’ growth is sustainable, measurable, and observable by themselves and others throughout the organization. Ideally, the participants (peers) continue the group sessions after the facilitation by the coach has ended.

The program has two main attributes:

Sustainability, Measurability, and Observability

  • Virtual or on-site
  • Small group sizes (6-8 participants)
  • Leader participant accountability
  • Focused topics to reinforce new knowledge
  • Evaluation of what is working/what is not
  • Support and tools to sustain progress
  • Framework to help group become self-directed

Certified Coaches

  • 3-12 month support during and/or after course ends
  • Coach facilitated monthly sessions
  • CPI certification standards
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Assessment, feedback and coaching

This program is designed to ensure your executives are retaining what they learn and applying it to their particular situations. Practice makes perfect, and group coaching ensures long-term success sustaining a coaching culture to maximize leaders’ effectiveness.

For more information about coaching culture and what it takes to create and sustain it, view our coaching research literature: New Research: How Employee Engagement Hits the Bottom Line and High-Impact Performance Management: Maximizing Performance Coaching

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