Individual Coaching

We believe that no two people have the same coaching needs. That’s why Resnik Partners offers a structured, yet personalized approach to executive coaching.  We work with executives one-on-one, tailoring our approach to meet the needs of the individual and the organization.  This means customizing our approach based on where your organization is, what leadership development work you’ve already done, and where your leaders next need to evolve to meet your organization’s business objectives.

In order to achieve desired outcomes for your organization, our individual coaching program can be customized to focus on areas such as:

  • Attaining results to help leaders understand how they can be even more effective in their organizations and more apt to produce expected results;
  • Enhancing self-awareness to give leaders an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of their strengths, challenges, “blind spots,” and the impact they have on others with whom they work, in order to promote an even higher level of personal effectiveness;
  • Promoting career advancement to help leaders prepare for future advancement and growth in their careers, with a specific focus on building the skills and strengths needed to grow into their next role; or
  • Assimilating new leaders into their roles in order to give them the perspective and support they need to succeed.

Our individual coaching process is designed to build a strong foundation for professional development by aligning the individual’s needs and goals with the needs of the business or organization.

With nine coaches in the Denver area and 1,600 highly-trained coaches around the world through Career Partners International, our coaching teams represents a broad range of style, areas of specialty, and industry experience.  With a clear understanding of your coaching needs, we will identify coaches who best fit your particular situations to ensure maximum impact on your bottom line.

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