Leadership Development

Fostering growth in leadership roles with unique strategic perspectives

With talent management expertise in all phases of the business lifecycle, Resnik Partners offers an experienced, yet innovative approach to leadership development.  With an eye toward the increasing complexity of today’s workplace, our consultants draw on a wide range of models and resources to provide business leaders a strategic pathway toward growth in their current and future roles.

We take the time to understand the unique challenges our clients face so that we can design impactful solutions that cater to their employees’ strengths and to team development. Through a methodical yet flexible approach, we define requirements, assess leadership, create personalized plans, evaluate success, emphasize continued learning and sustain progress.

Our leadership programs develop all levels of leaders as well as all types of leadership teams so they are more focused, engaged and effective.  Ultimately, we help them communicate with greater clarity, make wise decisions more efficiently, and align the entire organization around strategies and actions that build organizational strength and success.

Senior executives and managers can rely on Resnik Partners to achieve positive, life-changing results with experienced guidance and solid, long-lasting business relationships.

Services include:

  • Assess — Accurately measure skills, competencies and development of individuals, teams and organizations with a wide range of assessment tools and expertise.
  • Engage — Realize organizational effectiveness with a culture of engagement that fosters leadership, increases retention and enhances productivity.
  • Develop — Promote individual and organizational growth with executive coaching and career and leadership development initiatives that generate continual business growth and success.

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