Emotional Intelligence

Having knowledge, experience and skills to perform in a leadership role is not enough – which is why Resnik Partners created a program designed specifically in regard to another crucial factor, Emotional Intelligence. Without understanding the importance of emotional intelligence, leaders are not able to produce desired results through their teams, and thus organizational success is compromised.  Our program provides businesses with a clear roadmap to understanding emotional intelligence, how it affects an organization’s culture, and how it optimizes team performance and effectiveness.

As individuals move higher with an organization, producing results through others requires finesse…

As individuals move higher within an organization, people-handling skills become more prevalent – and more essential.  This unique program helps individuals combine their expertise with emotional awareness and people-handling skills to create more effective leadership and management.  It allows executives to focus their interpersonal and inter-organizational communication skills to further enhance their value as a leader and a collaborator.

Emotional intelligence enables members of a team to:

  • Open lines of communication;
  • Cooperate effectively rather than compete with each other;
  • Listen to each other (both verbally and non-verbally);
  • Form good working relationships and networks;
  • Share information they discovered that enabled the task to be completed quickly; and
  • Be adaptable, and empathic to each other.

The greatest difference between average and high-performing leaders can be attributed to competencies related to emotional intelligence. This program can help determine where your leaders are taking you.

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