Leading Change Management

Our leading Change Management programs focus on establishing practices and strategies to help organizations avoid failure, become adept at change and be able to sustain the new corporate standards.

Improving an organization’s ability to change is one of the most important keys to its continued success – and it’s one that many companies take for granted. Through our program, Resnik consultants will help bring the change model to life. Participants will be able to see the connections to their own organization, recognize the impact of leadership on change initiatives, and identify steps to shaping organizational change in their own company.

The program takes you through the steps for Leading Large Scale Change, and helps to identify where your organization is, as well as where it needs to be to succeed in an ever-changing world. Through Leading Change Management, our consultants will help you:

  • Build a compelling strategy for change, align stakeholders, and provide direction and tools for your implementation force
  • Identify and address resistance to planned change initiatives
  • Establish a common language to connect with your staff and effectively communicate change
  • Use both advocacy and inquiry approaches to creating an environment of change while ensuring continued growth in your organization

Leading Change Management can be the difference between ongoing organizational success and eventual failure. Research shows that 70% of all major change efforts in organizations fail. Don’t let your company become another statistic!

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